Metallized and transparent food packaging films? The Spot Demetallizing Film technology (SDF) makes it possible!

The SDF technology:

enables food producers to provide proper storage conditions, attractive packaging and at the same time show what the product really looks like 

attracts consumers by allowing them to see what is inside the packaging before opening and making better, more informed shopping decisions

keeps the food or other product fully safe and fresh while retaining its quality

What you see is what you get! Ready to innovate your food packaging? 
Perfect packaging protect, inform and inspire today’s consumer!
Transparent packaging is now at the top of the wish list for food companies, especially those eager to convey attributes like freshness, naturalness, close-to-homemade flavour and premium quality. Food packaging has to inform, inspire and attract consumers, all while protecting the goods inside. Food brands keep the design and ingredients more authentic, relaying a truthful and transparent message to more sophisticated customers.


Do you want to increase sales of your products by showing the food directly?


…Yes, you know how visual packaging affects consumers' subsequent product and brand evaluations and perceptions .

Metallized films are mainly used in food packaging.

They provide excellent barrier properties and protection from moisture, oils, air and odours, while the highly reflective surface of the aluminium is attractive to consumers. Their popularity is caused not only by technical and environmental advantages but also metal savings during the production process and versatility of application.

 The metallized film:

  • is used especially for packaging of food products
  • allows to obtain desirable gloss effect to create an impression of shining inscription and to make food product packaging more attractive for the consumer, which means increased sales of food products and continuously growing profits
  • metallized labels are more successful at catching customers’ attention compared to labels made with paper, matte film, white gloss film, etc.
  • shoppers perceive the metallized film labelled products as better quality and more exclusive

But packages fully covered with the aluminium layer make it impossible to see what is inside.

Now you can change it and allow consumers see your products before purchasing decisions.



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